Our collaboration with Herning highschool started in 2011 when the school bought Nadia Plesner's painting Darfurnica. Herning highschool has a large and strong art collection, and they purchased Darfurnica to use it for teaching. Plesner gave a talk at the highschool about her work and this sparked the idea of a broader collaboration. Since then the students have been actively supporting The Simple Living Committee.

They are especially involved in our collaboration with the Hananasif orphanage in Tanzania. The Danish students have creatively started various initiatives to raise money to support HOCET. Throughout the collaboration we have been in awe of the student's commitment and drive.

Most of the Danish and Tanzanian students are about the same age and they are learning about each other through the collaboration. They are writing letters to each other, they are making art works for a joint exhibition and we have prepared different exchange programs.The first five students from Herning visited HOCET in the spring of 2015. The next group of Danish students are visiting in February 2016. We are also planning for ten students from HOCET to visit Denmark.

The students at Herning Highschool have creatively initiated several projects since we started our collaboration in 2011. In order to raise funds to support the Hananasif Orphanage in Tanzania, the students have made cake sales, concerts, flee markets, sandwich stands and several other initiatives. 


The first goal for the students at Herning Highschool was to raise funds to but a truck for HOCET. They reached this goal in 2015! Now they are moving towards new goals like purchasing books, toys and sports gear for the children as well as larger donations to help HOCET reach self sustainability through agriculture projects. We are so grateful for their support and proud of their efforts.


The students at Herning Highschool worked hard to collect money enough to purchase a truck for HOCET. And it was an amazing day when Cecilia could hand over the keys for the new truck to HOCET's founder, Hezekia Mwalugaja. 

The new truck serves several purposes:

- It helps HOCET bring students who are suffering from illness quickly and safely to the nearest high-quality hospitals which are 60 km away. This normally takes 5 hours on public transportation which is not available at night.

- It helps HOCET transport smaller packages of school supplies and equipment to school needed on a bi-weekly basis.

- It helps support the school's small business projects that are dedicated to generating income for the school to help it become sustainable. For example it is used to bring eggs or freshly baked bread from the school to markets in nearby villages and towns.

- The truck saves the staff members countless hours of time. The teachers frequently need to come to Dar to handle administrative matters such as copying examinations, preparing school materials, conducting interviews for school staff applicants and attending HOCET team meetings.