In 2013 we shipped a 40' container with medical equipment for the maternity clinic at the Isse Bin Ali hospital in Yemen. The container held hospital beds, baby beds, sheets, blankets, pillows, toys, operation equipment, bed tables, crutches and wheel chairs.

We even got an ultra sound machine from Randers Ulandsværksted!

After the container arrived we received this email from our local contact (who works for UN):

Dear Nadia

I travelled to Yemen to oversee the hand over of equipment to the authority in Alqaydha, Maheri region. I can assure you of - and promised to convey - their appreciation and gratitude.

Yemen, which has a population of about 22 million, is among the least developed countries in the world; 40% of the population lives below the poverty line. With an annual growth rate of 3%, almost half the population is under 15. Health and demographic indicators are improving, but not fast enough to achieve the Millenium Development Goals established by the Republic of Yemen Government. 

The health care system in the Maheri region is not well developed and is estimated to reach just over 30% of the population. A high fertility rate (6,2 children per woman), closely spaced pregnancies and early age of marriage and first birth creates health problems for both women and their children. The proportion of deliveries attended by trained personnel is only 15%, and maternal mortality is very high.

A major challenge for Yemen, and particularly for Maheri, is to accelerate the rate of improvement in health. Receiving this donation og medical equipment will improve the provision of health, help expand the mobile teams to reach remote and underserved areas and reach more people with child health services.

It will provide much-needed support to small and poorly staffed clinics. Thank you.